Yeah, I'm a Webnerd

Spending hours huddled over a monitor with an endless cup of coffee pushing out code that blows minds. Yeah, I'm that guy.

I Love to Code

Coding to me is more than just making something work on the web. It is giving it life, declaring it’s existance. Every interaction, hierarchy structure, and element placed is thoroughly thought out.

Below are a few of the technologies that I used in development of this site:

  • jQuery
  • SASS
  • Foundation 3 by ZURB

I am currently developing an off-canvas layout for the Foundation platform and will be releasing it on github once completed. You can see the development here. I also plan on releasing some helpful tools and plugins that I have used over the years, so stay tuned for some awesomeness!

More than Pixels

My design skills expand beyond the monitor. From branding to web, I keep my chops fresh to be able to tackle any design problem. I can even crank out some wine labels or even a killer shirt!

  • z1z2z3z4z5

    Zócalos Latin Grill


    Logo and menu design concepts for a local restaurant seeking a fresh new approach using their current restaurant theme.

  • zurb1zurb2zurb3zurb4zurb5zurb6zurb7zurb8zurb9

    ZAZZLE’s Bay to Breakers Centennial Race


    Design concepts for ZAZZLE's Bay to Breakers 100th race. Created a bridge between an old time feel and a modern edge that creates a fun and exciting atmosphere.

  • kupe1kupe2kupe3kupe4kupe5kupe6

    Wine Bottles


    Created a concept series of wines that included one with a personal shipping crate. Used Printmaking to make a accessory merchandise and wood burning to create the fresh pressed wood effect.

Keep it Crispy

Coffee, music, video games, films, and the occasional comedy show always keeps me crispy. I have been known to recite Monty Python on cue or even go into a rant about how Shaman are no where near as bad as in Vanilla. I also love to make jokes and engage in discourse over a nice cup of coffee.

  • Cream & Sugar

    Cream & Sugar

  • World of Warcraft

    World of Warcraft

  • Tenacious D

    Tenacious D

  • Monty Python

    Monty Python

  • 49ers


Karl Bellagio

Who Am I

My Name is Karl Bellagio and I am an interaction designer.

I currently work part-time at designthis! in Napa, CA.

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